Dear MedResidences,

I was new to Chicago and unfamiliar with the area. I did not know where to start when it came to looking for an apartment. Having the assistance of MedResidencies and specifically, Ben, was a huge help. The apart-finding process started off with a phone call, where I gave Ben specifications as to what I was looking for(price point, distance from work, parking availability, etc). I found Ben to be very detail-oriented, organized, and flexible; since he knew Chicago far better than I did, he had a good idea of what best suited my needs. When the day came to tour places, Ben drove my family and I to each site. Because he had already made appointments with each apartment we visited, the visits were quick and efficient. He toured each apartment with us and felt like he was watching my back in making sure that I got all the information I needed from each apartment. His assistance was invaluable to me and I ended up with an apartment that I love. I highly recommend MedResidencies; their help made my apartment-searching process far easier and pleasant an experience than it would have been without them.

Lin – University of Chicago Resident

Dear Tyler,

Our family has been extremely pleased with the services provided by Northwestern University in locating student housing and with having worked with you specifically.  You were very accommodating to work with our tight schedule on planning the tours on a specific Saturday to work around our daughters track schedule at IU.  You did an excellent job in following-up with us efficiently and were very professional.  We felt you were very personable and were a tremendous help to us since we were not familiar with the area.  You did an excellent job in not trying to sway us in favor of one apartment over another, but did a great job in listening to our twin daughters’ needs and help us sort through which apartment would be the best fit.  Safety was a key factor for us and we have been very pleased with the building’s round-the-clock security staff.  You were not only helpful in helping us pick an apartment but went above and beyond the call of duty to spend time filling us in on other non-housing factors our daughters would face.  We were pleased at having received the money for the registration-up fee at the apartment as well as the very significant price difference our daughters received on the monthly rental fee for being Northwestern students.

What made us even more comfortable about our decision is that we had talked with a family from the Chicago area for a referral for a good apartment to stay at in the downtown Chicago and it was one of the apartments on your Student Space listing for Northwestern, the one we ended up picking.  We also felt good about our decision having had the chance to visit other apartments within two blocks of our location with very similar facilities or services offered.  We were amazed by the close proximity to the Medical Center as well as being two blocks away from Lake Michigan and two blocks away from Michigan Avenue as well.  Tyler, you have been a great help to us and I would highly recommend your services to any new students or families looking for housing.

Thanks for everything,

Jim F

Dear MedResidences,

As a Leasing Manager for Village Green Properties in Downtown Chicago, I have worked closely with MedResidences in providing housing for several medical professionals in the past year. Tyler has been amazing to work with, always reliable, prompt for appointments, and has a great friendly demeanor. He has made my job effortless by really working hard to locate the specific needs of each of his clients before touring our buildings. I look forward to working with Tyler and StudentSpace many more times in the future! Thanks!

Natalie H

Leasing Manager

Village Green Properties