• We Understand

    We understand that International students face a different set of challenges when looking for housing in U.S. cities. We can help you find a place to live over the phone, email, and Skype. Even if you are unable to be here in person, we can help you remotely. Approximately 50% of the international students we help is without them visiting. Contact us with what your needs are and we will help put you in your ideal home.

  • If You Are Able to Visit Prior to Renting an Apartment

    We can help you by:

    • Answering any questions prior to arrival about buildings close to your school, neighborhoods, student discounts, etc
    • Arranging and scheduling a tour for you so everything is set when you arrive
    • Being available by phone, email or Skype whenever you have any questions
    • Helping with signing your lease
  • Please Note

    At least one of the following documents will likely be required when signing a lease in the U.S.:

    • Passport
    • A copy of your I-94 form denoting arrival-departure record
    • A copy of your I-20 form / Student Visa
    • Proof of income (financial aid, tax receipt, financial aid documents, etc.)

    Rest assured that we can answer ALL of your questions about renting, signing contracts and moving to a new city.

    Please Skype (StudentSpace-housingforstudents) or call us at 1.866.871.7368 to get your housing search started today!